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Webinar: Everything You Need to Know to Be Successful in Publishing
CLASS ONE: Tuesday, June 11, 9:00PM EST
CLASS TWO: Thursday, June 13, 9:00PM EST


When I started as an indie author in 2017, I started with one book. I spent months researching the industry, understanding Amazon, working out the numbers. 

It wasn't easy, and I had nobody helping me. My first year I sold some books, but ultimately lost money.
Seven years later, I have 12 books with 3 more on the way. I have books on the shelves of BN, Target and other retailers around the country. One of my books has been optioned by Wolf Entertainment ("Law & Order", "Chicago Fire", etc) to try and make a show out of it. Two of my books are typically in the top 1,000 best selling books overall on Amazon.

Last year, as you can see by the attached screenshot of my sales dashboard, I made $2.1M in gross revenue with a profit of about $400,000 (the dashboard doesn't include money that I made through book sales outside of my distributor).

None of this was just luck, and none of it is exclusive to me - anyone can accomplish this.

It took me a long time to really learn this industry. Will the course make you an expert overnight? No. Of course not. But it will give you the knowledge you need to leapfrog ahead, make better decisions, understand the landscape and give yourself a real chance to be successful in publishing.

The course is $195, and it will be a two day class - one hour per class, plus as much time as we need afterward for Q&A.

It class includes information on:
  • Writing a book that will sell
  • Different sales channels to help increase sales
  • How to profit from publishing
  • Breaking down your expenses
  • Projecting your revenue and cash flow
  • Understanding Amazon's different platforms
  • How distribution works
  • Basic marketing
...and more

If you're serious about being successful with your books, this class will help you get there.

All registered attendees will get a video replay of the Webinar afterward.
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