"I've spent over a decade attending conferences with the SCBWI, the IBPA, and other organizations. The ones put on by the IAPC are my favorite by far! Sign up if you haven't already. These will be the most informative and actionable programs you can attend."

- Katy Otey, Author

"I attended the Nashville Summit and I can tell you that it completely revolutionized the way I approach my book writing business!"

- Cheryl More Johnson, Author

"The IAPC Nashville conference altered the course of my author career for the better. Invest in yourself... sign up!"

- Nocola Williams, Author

"I attended the summit for the first time & what a treat to hear the best of the best in our industry speak on how they started to where they are today was encouraging to say the least. All the speakers were great but a few stood out to me that really makes you think...I highly recommend if you can’t travel to attend they offer live online as well."

- JoAnn Dickinson, Author

"Boy oh boy did I learn a lot!! Thank you so very much! I’ve met new friends because of this summit experience."

- Tricia Stone-Shumaker, Author

"Cannot say enough great things about this Summit. From the presentations and the workshops, to finding new friends who are on this same journey with me...the Summit added so much value to my self-publishing experience. Game changer!"

- Nicole Burton, Author

"I echo everyone's sentiments - the summit was packed with good content and good people! Can't wait for next year!

- Ariane Mendez Erickson, Author

"Man oh man… can we talk about how AMAZING the Summit was? This is the first conference I’ve attended where I left feeling inspired, ready to take action and also full of new knowledge! Kudos Jay Miletsky and team. VERY well done"

- Yvette Manns, Author

"Amazing Summit Jay Miletsky! Great speakers, and lots of takeaways! Thanks to all organizers and all the hard work!"

- KeKe Lee, Author

"Thanks again for organizing the event. It was the fist conference I’ve been to where I was actually able to pay attention all day! 😂 Valuable info! Great speakers!"

- Margy Locke, Author

"Yay! I really enjoyed it! I’m sure it was not easy throwing a large event like this. Big kudos to you Jay Miletsky and everyone who made it happen. It was very inspiring and invigorating!"

- Katrina Liu, Author

"I’m an aspiring author, no further than a few words on paper, and attended virtually but found this summit more helpful than I could have imagined! I really got so much from this."

- Wendy Ward, Author

"The Summit was awesome from the virtual perspective! We were glued to the computer screen, enjoyed every speaker thoroughly and made lots of virtual attendee friends. What a warm and wonderful set of people all around! And we are all linked by the love of writing! How great is that! Looking forward to the next summit! "

- Linda Calabro, Author

"What an amazing experience! I arrived feeling I was possibly out of my wheelhouse and shouldn’t be there and left educated, inspired, and ready to rock n roll. Thank you!!!!"

- Lauren Rush Boden, Author